A Proud

The historic Dorothy Hall Industrial Building for girls was erected and dedicated in 1901 as the result of a gift from the Phelps Stokes family in honor of Dorothy Lamb Woodbridge, the great-great-great grandmother of Caroline Phelps-Stokes and Olivia Egleston Phelps-Stokes.


Dorothy Hall was equipped to give instruction in trades to women.

Later, it was converted into a house, consisting of 37 modernly equipped bedrooms of which 18 have private baths to accommodate guests visiting Tuskegee annually. These additions paved the way for how we’ve come to know the building today.


A Significant Expansion

Later, the building would add guest rooms and baths and receive a $16,000 expansion in 1907.


Preparing to Welcome Everyone

With plans for a newer laundry facility underway, vacated spaces were remolded to accommodate additional guests visiting Tuskegee annually. The southeast corner of the second floor would later become the Peabody Room for trustees’ meetings.


A Historic Friendship

American industrialist and business mogul Henry Ford installed an elevator in 1937 for his aging acquaintance George Washington Carver who was then a resident of the hotel.


Building on Tradition

The Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center was constructed in 1994 as a renovation and expansion of Dorothy Hall.


Modernizing a Campus Jewel

In 2023, the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center will be undergoing a modernization. It is one of 12 such properties across the U.S., the only one located on a historically black college or university campus.

Funding for the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center would allow us to deliver reliable, caring and superior competitive service to our customers.

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